Quality Craft CIder Makers

Who we are

A little more history about us and the product.


We are a family run craft cider producer located in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside. Our family, the Fletchers, has farmed here on the edge of the Wyre Forest for over two hundred years. 

All our cider is made by hand here at Quakers Yard using only freshly pressed juice. We started planting new orchards with traditional varieties of cider apples fourteen years ago and we now use mainly our own apples, if we need more we buy from local Worcestershire growers. 

Having farmed here for so many years we have a strong connection with the land and we do everything we can to keep it thriving. We do not use chemicals on our trees and we’ve planted traditional orchards that are a haven for wildlife. We keep sheep in the orchards, we’ve planted native species hedgerows and we have bee hives to help with pollination. 


How we make our cider


We hand pick our apples from our own orchards here at Quakers Yard, picking only when the fruit is fully ripe. We sort and select the best apples and then wash, mill and press them using a traditional rack and cloth press to get all the juice out.

We leave the juice to ferment slowly for up to six months. Then we taste and blend the cider and leave it to mature. We produce our Red Oak variety by allowing our chosen cider to age in oak barrels. 

When we’re happy the cider is ready it’s filtered, pasteurized and bottled to produce a clear, bright and smooth  cider.

We keep close control over every stage of the process, doing all that we can ourselves and using local suppliers. Even packaging and labeling is done by us by hand. 

We only produce small volumes of our ciders, typically around 1000 bottles of each variety per year. Once it's gone, it's gone for another year.